"SOIE" in the brand name "LA SOIEPLUM" means silk, and "PLUM" means feathers.


Imagine a lady wearing silk wings like a celestial maiden's hagoromo.


At La Sois Plum, we propose silk items that are safe even when wet so that you can go out with a light feeling even on rainy days when you tend to feel a little depressed.


Possibility to start from one piece For a sustainable future that is kind to the earth and people  

BigVolume productionMassDisposalIs the problemFascio seenIndustry。 

Big thingsCut offMottainai spiritIs the groundIn thinking about the sphere environmentDeteIs also important。 

Loving thingsMeCarefullyThingsCan be usedLeading to sustainable effortsMasu。 

AndhandRepellentWater-treated silk scarfAlso used as a bag coverCan be usedRuBag coverScarfIs、 

SustainableLeNamiComingTaMeToTake care of thingsToSuHeartBorn fromTara SowapruMu only-One product。 

ScarIs it one sheet?Start fromPossibilitySustina starting from one personBuLeNanaThoughtsIIt's kiEarthNot yetCreate comingRufirst stepTo。 

LA You can meet SOIE PLUM productsNot yet in the futureThe first step to think about the comingbecome』 

SoBraDownDoI will aim for


LA SOIEPLUM is committed to manufacturing products that are environmentally friendly and can be used habitually for a long time.

Uses environmentally friendly natural fiber (silk) 

Natural fiber is finalReturn to the soilTaMeIt can be said that it is a material that is very friendly to the global environment.AlsoChemical fiberIs 200Burn aroundeYesAlthough it generates poisonous gas300 silk~46To 0 degreesDo not becomeAnd do not burnYesIt can also generate poisonous gasArimaSen。 

furtherSuckingIt has excellent moisture propertiesHigh moisture release ratelistenWith fibers that also have excellent heat retentionLightKana thinnessToshinaWhile having a gentle characteristicIn winterWarmKusummerIs coolNewComfyHeavenNatural AircoElementWith woodSu

Corresponds to any scene with one 
Silk scarfBecause it is not bulky and can be carried aroundIn an emergencyWhen you say, Eco bags and rain coversUV protection itemsSilk blouse etc.User's eyesMatchHow many ways can you changeThe role of thingsDoingI will.
Health promotion and beauty effect just by wearing 

--Cut UV raysTo be 

silkPurpleExternal line cut rate is 90%Before and afterExtremeHigh numbers are reportedTeoriClothingKind onlynotBeautyhealthMedicalIt is also attracting attention from the field。 

-Has antibacterial action 

silkHygroscopicity and moisture release suppress the growth of microorganismsSoToxic due to its good hygroscopicityqualitySuckCollectSkinwill protect。 

MaTabandElectricDifficultStatic electricity is generatedBecause it's hard to hearChile and dustWithDifficultTickEtc.Because it is difficult toTo be hygienicYes。 

--Antioxidant / active oxygen suppression effect, anti-aging effect 

Ami contained in silkA type of noic acidSericinSuppresses active oxygeneSpots and dullnessWrinklesDue tois thereTyrosinaseSuppressSkinWeaken the rear functionShiProtect your skin from active oxygenTo protecttableOn the surfacesilkWith a filmBar meRuIt ’s an antioxidant.Not onlyhairOxidation of darkening of holes and sebumFor preventionCan be expected to be highly effectiveSensitive skinAnd atopyToRableis therepartIs silkItching when wornMiAnd inflammation subsides。 

--There is a moisturizing ingredient. 

Moisturizing ingredients make hair smooth and pull outKeHair protectionGu SilkRotaineIs includedOrithisTo the ingredientsIsHas a function to care for dead skinSoBodyArrive atKeRuOnlyAll inSqueezeSmoothlyYou can expect the effect of。 

-Activates cells 

silkThe success ofMinutesPakuTo qualityIncludedIsSericinIsMinoConsists of acid componentsTeorithisSericinIsIn the bodyCysteineInstead of the ingredientActivate cellsSexualizeSoskin Correct metabolismNormalize and turn overTo encourageGive meRu。 

Creating employment and technology through community-based manufacturing (coexistence and contribution with local communities) 

--Hand printing 

Hand-printingWhat is dyeing? Silk screenprintingAlso known as1 color 1EditionFlow into the molddidBy hand dyeing the dyeSuSoBecause of this, the craftsman's technical skills are very high.HeavyThe pointTsuWill come。 

In La Sois PlumKimonoplace of originKyoMiyakosideHamasuMosquitoA long-established dyeing factory that manufacturessoThisTheir printdoingKyotoYuzen dyeingIs 350Year historyYokohama SucalfofHand-printing technology120 yearsFamous as a traditional craftsmanship。 


WorldUp classAutomaticcleanUses a printing machineare doingDayHome countryPrint insideDyed at the factoryColoredMasu。 

--Rim stitching (manual winding) 

Hand-wound hem(Le Rotage)IsAll JapanInsideCraftsmen are doing。 

LA SOIEPLUM(La Sois Plum)Aimofthat isFriendly to the earth and peopleManufacturingis.